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International Moving With Dogs: The Complete Guide

Each year, 2 million pets fly on commercial airplanes. And the number continues to grow each year. And those traveling with dogs account for a sizable portion of this total. Even though relocating overseas with pets has never been easier, the entire process is intricate and challenging, but not impossible. Relocating internationally with dogs is not as straightforward as shipping a car. You must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and consider how your pet will cope with this shift. However, this is something you must do because we all know how unthinkable and terrible it will be to live overseas without your furry companion. And it is for these reasons that several airlines, airports, and nations are collaborating to make this transfer possible and seamless. And, while there is always space for improvement, it is comforting to know that international dog travel is possible and manageable.

When it is not feasible to relocate overseas without the proper travel documents, the same regulations apply to your pet. To begin, your dog must be microchipped. If it does not have one, create one immediately, and if it does, ensure that all information on it is current. You’ll have a location and phone number where you may be reached in the event that your closest buddy becomes separated from you. Additionally, you must have a passport for your pet. This passport will contain all immunization records for your puppy over the last few years.

When you realize you are truly transferring and your stress level is approaching a breaking point, you have already hired your movers for overseas shipment of your possessions and readied your automobile for foreign vehicle shipping. Then, if you’re that stressed out, you might question how a dog would manage this shift. Your mind is undoubtedly racing with questions like “is relocating stressful for dogs?” and “how does relocation impact a dog?” That’s OK — you’re concerned about your animal companion. However, you may relax. Yes, it will be difficult, but there are steps you can do to mitigate this stress. For instance, inquire with your veterinarian about anxiety medicines that you might begin administering to him.

You will need a great deal of patience to care for your puppy. You will feel as though you are restarting your workout. However, with enough time and love, your tail-wagger will be as good as new. And, while moving is stressful and emotional, you will feel a lot better once you see it leaping around and acting like a good boy. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having a puppy in your home will make it feel more like a home. Additionally, even if the relocation process is hard and time-consuming, you will earn far more than you would by leaving your friend behind.

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